Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tray Number 2

So I am on to tray number 2! I was really nervous to switch the tray. Scared that number 2 wouldn't fit, or that it would hurt a lot to put on. Thankfully, I had nothing to be worried about. They popped on and they don't hurt. They are much tighter than tray #1 was by the end of the last 2 weeks. I was getting really good at popping it out and back in. These new trays I think are going to be hard to get out for the first few days. I imagine this is how every tray will be when first switching, but I hope every tray also doesn't cause me pain.

I have been doing pretty well with only taking the trays out for a minimal amount of time (basically just to eat). However, being young I can't let it completely kill my social life. So on Saturday I went to my cousin's wedding. I wanted to have a good time and have a few glasses of wine, and I also didn't want to be in the bathroom at the reception brushing my teeth, so I took the trays out before we went to the supper, and didn't put them back in until I got home late that night. I don't think it really hurt me any, I had been keeping them in so long every other day, and it was at the end of my 2 weeks on that tray. I won't be making a habit of it though, only for special occasions.

I still haven't ate out in a restaurant with them, I think it will be weird to clean my teeth in a public washroom, but we shall see. At some point I'm going to have too!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 2

Ok, so I made it through my first full day with my invisalign trays in. Last night I slept with the trays in for the first time. It was definitely not the greatest sleep ever. I woke up a lot and my teeth felt so funny. I have read in forums how people say their teeth feel claustrophobic, I totally get that, that is the best way to describe how my teeth feel, especially when I have had my trays in for a few hours straight. 
I woke up with a really gross mouth and couldn't wait to get them off, I left them in though until I was ready to eat breakfast. I was able to leave them in for most of the day. I took them out for lunch, and then for supper, and then for a quick snack. I am really taking care to clean my teeth well, including lots of flossing, which should be good for me since I used to hardly ever floss!
The long span between lunch and supper was really difficult. I wasn't hungry, but my teeth just felt like they needed to get out of the trays, I was going crazy! I am sure it will get better every day.

Here are some observations about my experience so far:

1)Invisalign is really great for not looking like I have a metal mouth which was the main reason I wanted them over regular braces. I'm 24, but could pass for a 16 year old most days, and I felt like no way would anyone take me seriously as an adult with regular braces! No body noticed that I was wearing my trays today!.My co-workers all knew that I had my appointment yesterday to get them, and they thought I must not have gotten them yesterday because they couldn't tell I had them until I told them and then they came up really close to see.

2) The attachments are awkward. It bothers me a bit when brushing only because of the attachments. They get caught on my brush and I'm a little worried I will knock them off while brushing, but I don't really think that is possible.

3) Chewing food is difficult. When I go to eat it feels like my teeth don't know where they are. I keep biting my lips. It takes a few minutes for them to remember how to chew.

4) They aren't as easy to get out as I thought they would be. I guess I thought you could just pop them out, but they are very tight to the teeth, which makes sense, and you have to kind of work them out. I think it will get easier as I progress.

5) They didn't give me a lisp, which I was worried about because I read that it happens to a lot of people at first.

All in all it was a good first day, I was worried that I would be starving all day since I am used to almost constant snacking, but I wasn't craving a snack at all. I also am sick with a cold though so that is probably a contributing factor to my lack of appetite.
I was supposed to go out to supper tonight, but until I am more used to getting the trays out, I think I'll stick to eating at home!
Hoping the rest of the week goes smoothly!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 1 of Many

I am 24 years old and finally on the road to the smile I have wanted for years. Now that I am done school and have a full time job, I can finally afford to fix my teeth. The orthodontist my dentist referred me too is really busy and it was about a year ago when I made my first appointment. After the initial consultation and deciding on Invisalign back in April, then getting impressions done in July, then getting the pictures taken so they could send them off to Invisalign to create my trays in October, I finally got my trays in today!

It feels so great to be starting this process which sometimes I never thought would start. I was so excited all day waiting to go to the orthodontist to get my trays. The orthodontist put the attachments on my teeth (6 upper and 3 lower) and then popped in the trays. They got me to practice taking them out. I didn't think I was going to be able to. The bottom isn't so bad, but the top is really tight over the attachments. The bottom is pretty easy to get in and out. They hurt really bad for about 20 minutes after I put them back in but then I get used to it pretty quick. I feel like I'm a baby drooling over my new teeth. When I took them out to eat supper, eating was awkward. My bite already feels different but I think it is the attachments getting in the way of chewing. I am a little worried about how sleeping with them will be for the first few nights.

I am happy I decided to go with Invisalign, but it is going to be a huge adjustment in my life. Going to have to cut out my snacking, and drinking tea and coffee at work all day. I also don't think I will be going out to eat or have drinks very often anymore! I am hoping after a few months, I will adjust to the new routine, right now I'm a little nervous.

I decided I would blog about my experience (like many others). This way I can keep track of my own journey, and hopefully provide insight to others either considering Invisalign, or on their own Invisalign journey. There is a great online community for Invisalign and I am happy to be joining it! I hope if you stumble upon my blog you will come back and comment and help me through this journey! I'll post an update tomorrow on how the first whole day and night went, and add some pictures so I can track my progress!